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Teaching our dogs to walk calmly on the lead is really hard work! It takes time, patience and consistency. It’s also key to having an enjoyable walk with your dog as nobody enjoys being dragged from one lamppost to the other. In this workshop we will be looking at why your dog feels the need to drag you everywhere and what you can do to help them remain calm and for the lead to remain nice and loose. This is a fun and friendly workshop where we use different training games and training exercises to train in a fun and positive way.

*Suitable for puppies from 16 weeks and fully vaccinated.

Workshop Details:

  • 1 x 2 Hrs, Group class held at K9 Services NZ training location in Helensville, Auckland.

  • Small groups (Max 6) so you and your dog get quality time with our training team.

  • Includes plenty of breaks to rest you and your dog throughout the session


  • Dogs must be people/dog friendly 

  • At least 3 Vaccinations + 1 week


Please Bring to the workshop:​

  • Bed/mat (we recommend a raised bed)

  • A harness and flat collar

  • Tug toys

  • Water & Bowl.

  • Small soft training treats, this includes kibble plus higher value treats superior chunky, possyum, sausage, or chicken.


$180.00 per dog/handler team.

Class sizes of 6 dogs max

  • We recommend social distancing of 3-5 meters 

  • Please bring your own toys/treats to the class

  • Please bring water/bowl for your dog

  • Families and children are welcome to come together

**This class is not suitable for leash reactive/aggressive dogs to dog/people, please contact us if you require help with this with private 1:1 sessions.

Refund policy

Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable unless notice of cancellation is received at least 14 working days prior to commencement and any refund or transfer is at the sole discretion of K9 Services NZ Ltd. Group classes/Workshops are run on a fixed schedule therefore if you miss a class unfortunately K9 Services NZ Ltd cannot offer a make up classes.


Loose Lead Walking

If your answer to any of the following questions is ‘yes’, then this may be the course for you!

  • Do you have a dog who pulls to every distraction, or seems to forget that you're attached to the leash too?


  • Are you worried your dog might pull you over or injure you or themselves on a walk?


  • Does your dog zigzag or cross over in front of you?


Loose Lead Workshop

3rd Feb 2024


Loose Lead Workshop

2nd March 2024

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