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Welcome to K9 Services NZ Ltd, where expertise meets passion in the world of canine behaviour and training. With two decades of dedicated experience in the field, our founder, Liz, embarked on this remarkable journey in 2003. Her journey began with a comprehensive national certificate in animal management, specialising in canine behaviour and training, a pivotal moment that made her one of the pioneers as a certified trainer in New Zealand.

Liz is not just a trainer; she is a member of esteemed organizations such as the Pet Professional Guild and The Association for Force-Free Pet Professionals, underlining her commitment to the highest standards in pet training and care.

At K9 Services NZ Ltd, Liz offers a comprehensive range of services, from group classes to private lessons. Her expertise encompasses the entire spectrum of canine development, from nurturing and training puppies to addressing complex behavioural issues such as fearfulness, dog-to-dog leash reactivity, resource guarding, and various forms of anxiety.

Central to Liz's philosophy is her unwavering dedication to positive training techniques. She firmly believes in instilling these principles into the lives of dogs and their families. To her, training and enrichment are not just tools but the keys to overcoming the everyday challenges faced by urban dogs and building enduring human-canine relationships.

Join us at K9 Services NZ Ltd and embark on a transformative journey with Liz, where your dog's potential knows no bounds and lasting bonds are forged between humans and their beloved canines


  • National Certificate in Animal Care, Auckland University, Auckland ,2002

  • National Certificate in Animal Management specializing in Canine Behaviour & Training, Unitec, Auckland, 2003

  • Nosework Instructor, 2016

  • Certified Diploma in Dog Walking & Pet Sitting, 2017  


  • PPG - The Pet Professional Guild

  • The Association for Force-Free Pet Professionals

  • APDTNZ - a full member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers NZ

Gunner & Gypsy Labour Weekend 2022.jpg

Gunner & Gypsy

Our 4 legged team...

When Gunner wiggled his way into my world at a mere 16 weeks old, he was the fluffiest little rescue dynamo! This pint-sized wonder is not just a trained skilled companion; he's our head honcho of raising puppies, the ultimate puppy enthusiast! Plus, he's a certified maestro of advanced tricks. But wait, his hobbies are where the real magic happens! He's a water wizard, ruling the waves with his top-notch swimming skills. Anything that moves? Consider it fetched! And don't get me started on his modeling gigs—every photo session for my art becomes an epic masterpiece with Gunner stealing the show!

Gypsy, the dynamo dog, is like a furry superhero in training! She's not just a skilled companion—she's on a mission to conquer the CGC titles, paving her way to canine greatness. But that's not where her story ends! Nose work is her thrill, sniffing out mysteries and secrets like a furry Sherlock Holmes. And let's talk about her love for the water—this pup's a swimming sensation, making a splash wherever she goes! Urban or home agility is her playground; she maneuvers through obstacles like a four-legged ninja

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