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Behavioural Problems


Our services take place at our training location, Helensville Auckland. Depending on what the focus of the session is, we have a great park that we can train in, available Tuesday - Friday Only.

When you sign on for sessions or one of our great programs, I will recommend the most suitable schedule but typically sessions are spaced a week/fortnight apart for the best results.

Dogs have individual personalities, just like people do – and hence different behaviours, fears, phobias etc. Identifying the “root cause” of the behaviour is extremely crucial for modifying “specific” behaviour problems. It involves understanding your dog and developing his/her potential – to resolve behaviour problems, emotional conflicts and frustration.


1.5 Hr TRAINING evaluation

Assessment of your training goals and expectations

Identify your dog’s motivations and set up training protocols

Foundation Training/Modification Exercises

Prevention & Management

Behavioural, Training Modification/Management & Exercise Plan

Receive a recommended course of action


Suitable for Dogs 6+ months


 1:1 Owner  Coaching Training Sessions

Weekday Session Only

This program is for dogs that display outbursts of barking, jumping or lunging, and are difficult to manage, whether due to over-excitability, leash frustration, fear, or aggression.


A comprehensive, 10-week program designed for “leash reactive” dogs of all ages. 

Our LEASH REACTIVE program is focused on dog - dog leash reactivity  but is also applicable to other triggers such as  (people, car, bike,  skateboards chasers) etc. 

What this program offers:

  • Develop your ability to react to and manage your dog’s reactivity.

  • Build your “reactivity toolkit” with strategies,  pattern games, and techniques to help reduce the frequency and intensity of your dog’s reactive displays.

  • Leash Handling Skills

  • Obedience Training

  • Management Strategies

  • Understanding your dog's behaviour

  • Real Life Training

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