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Welcome to our  Pet Life Skills & Gundog – Foundation Course, the perfect stepping stone for all budding gundog enthusiasts and their companions. Tailored for gundog breeds over 16 weeks old, this entry-level program is designed to ignite your dog's natural instincts while imparting essential skills.

Our engaging Pet Gundog courses cater not only to individuals interested in shooting or competitive activities with their dogs but primarily target owners of family gundogs. These courses are designed for those who:

  • Wish to understand their dogs' natural abilities.

  • Prioritize building a stronger connection with their dogs.

  • Seek to explore the inherent skills their dogs were bred for, all while enjoying the learning process.

We aim to acquaint owners with a range of foundational exercises that, when woven together over several weeks, lay the groundwork for a well-behaved and trained pet gundog. Whether you aspire for a disciplined companion or plan to advance your skills for obedience, competitions, or fieldwork, our courses provide the essential foundation to achieve these goals. Join us on this journey of discovery and skill-building with your beloved gundog.

All dog breeds are welcome to join us on this journey. We don't use live game, instead opting for canvas dummies as training tools.

 All courses are held in small groups. We use outdoor settings to teach real-life skills in the same environment your dog will ultimately need to use them. real-world skills are cultivated within an environment mirroring what your dog will encounter.

Your dog's journey into the world of gundog training starts here—join us and watch them thrive!

Please note, this class is not suitable for dogs who are excessively vocal, fearful or aggressive when in the presence of other dogs or people. If your dog reacts in an over excited, over the top, reactive or aggressive manner then please contact us about private lessons.

Refunds are not available for course registrations. However, we extend the option to reschedule your attendance to an alternate date, provided a notice of 14 days or more is given.




Golden Retriever with canvas dummy

What topics do we cover:

  • Focus & Engagement Games.

  •  Loose Lead Walking: Polite lead manners

  • Place board Training: Send your dog to a designated place

  • Whistle Recall: Your dog will begin learning to perform cues on the sound of a whistle.

  • Hunting Games: To satisfy your dog’s natural desire to hunt in a safe and controlled manner.

  • Scent Games: To put your dog's nose to work.

  • Impulse Control Exercises: So your dog can control the desire to chase, hunt or follow a scent when not appropriate.

  • Stay/Steadiness: An incredible useful life skill and gun dog found

Pet Life-Skills & Gundog Foundations

  • Location: Helensville|Auckland

    • Rautawhiri Reserve​

  • 7 week course

  • 1 Hour sessions

  • Cost: $300.00 

  • All dogs are encouraged to attend as long as they are fully vaccinated

  • Not all dogs benefit from group training as some specific behavioural issues are best tackled on a one on one basis

  • Dogs attending need to be sociable with people and other dogs

  • Please contact us if you are unsure so we can discuss this with you and your options if this is the case

  • The course is run outdoors so it is weather/ numbers


Foundation Pet  Gundog Class

Sunday 28th  Jan 2024

Golden Retriever with canvas dummy

Foundation Pet Gundog Class

Starts 7th April 2024

Cancellation Policy: When choosing a course please remember that our classes have limited spaces, once booked we do not allow cancellations. 

The more classes you attend, the stronger your dog's skills will be, your dog will learn best if you continue to train at home as well as classes you attend.


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