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Advanced Puppy Class

Take your puppy to the next level

Welcome to our Advanced Puppy Class, the next step in your puppy's educational journey! This specialized class is designed for pups who have successfully graduated from a Puppy Kindergarten class or completed our 1:1 Puppy Development Program. Now, it's time to take their training to new heights and further enhance their life skills.


In this advanced curriculum, we focus on building upon the foundation laid during the initial stages of training. We understand that your pup is at a crucial stage of development, and our experienced trainer is here to guide you through more complex commands and scenarios. 


The Advanced Puppy Class is an opportunity for your puppy to refine their obedience, strengthen their socialisation skills, and master skills that go beyond the basics.

Key features of our Advanced Puppy Class include:

  1. Refined Obedience Training: Fine-tune basic life skills and introduce more advanced cues to ensure your pup responds promptly and reliably in various situations.

  2. Real-World Applications: Work on practical skills that are essential for daily life, such as polite greetings, loose-leash walking, and well-behaved public outings.

  3. Off-Leash Reliability: Build confidence in your pup's ability to follow cues off-leash, allowing for increased freedom in controlled environments.

  4. Advanced Socialisation: Continue fostering positive associations with other dogs and people, promoting a well-balanced and socially adept canine companion.

  5. Cognitive Stimulation: Engage your pup's mind with advanced games, and activities designed to challenge their cognitive abilities and keep them mentally sharp.

Our Advanced Puppy Class is not just about training; it's about providing your pup with the skills and confidence they need to thrive in various situations. Join us for an enriching experience that goes beyond the basics, creating a well-mannered, adaptable, and joyful companion for life. Together, we'll continue to build a strong bond between you and your dog.

  • Location: Helensville|Auckland

    • Rautawhiri Reserve​

  • 4 week course

  • 1 Hour sessions

  • Cost: $225.00

  • All dogs are encouraged to attend as long as they are fully vaccinated

  • Not all dogs benefit from group training as some specific behavioural issues are best tackled on a one on one basis.

  • Dogs attending need to be sociable with people and other dogs.

  • Please contact us if you are unsure so we can discuss this with you and your options if this is the case

  • The course is run outdoors so it is weather/ numbers


Advance Puppy Class

Sunday 3rd March 2024


Advance Puppy Class

Sunday 7th Apr 2024

Cancellation Policy: When choosing a course please remember that our classes have limited spaces, once booked we do not allow cancellations. 

The more classes you attend, the stronger your dog's skills will be, your dog will learn best if you continue to train at home as well as classes you attend.


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