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What our clients say..

Liz from K9 services has been working with BARK NZ since early 2013. Liz has been instrumental in providing timely, effective and comprehensive training to many of our BARK Buddies during our foundation year. Liz, in conjunction with our trustees, is developing a comprehensive assessment guide and training schedule specifically designed for the challenging environments that BARK Buddies are faced with when dealing with large groups of children and high-energy public appearances. Liz is a passionate trainer that has vast experience with service dogs, she is approachable and always thorough in her explanations. We have been very lucky to have her work with us and we look forward to incorporating more of her skills in the future training of our BARK Buddies.


So proud of Ragnar Logan tonight he is really coming along at obedience school. My super smart baby (well smart lol) Thanks K9 Services NZ- Dog Training & Behaviour I honestly don't know how I would have managed without you. Rags is such a sweet natured dog and friendly to dogs and people - a dream EXCEPT for his strength making him such a pully dog. We are well on the way to having that sorted! 





Bella had undertaken basic and intermediate training with another provider, but I'd never really been able to nip her pulling on lead in the bud. After a private one on one session with Liz I saw a vast improvement in her behaviour. From here we joined Basic Manners 101 training, and Bella was used as the example heeling dog. Absolutely chuffed to bits with her progress. Liz is always happy to offer advice and tips (whether or not it relates to topics covered in class), and Bella responds well to her calm but firm positive training technique.




Thanks for your great service when we needed it the most! This was exactly what we have been searching for!​

Stuart , Hiromi and Elliott

Your classes were excellent, your different types of training & calming manner really helped Puha with her aggression.


Terry & Puha

Many who have read the book or saw the film will take the author's contention that Marley and Me fame is "the world's worst dog" they, like me think have the worst dog. The difference is that they are wrong and I am right. I definately have the worst dog.


At least I did until I employed Liz of K9 Services....


Laila is a hyperactive ball of energy and muscle. Characteristics of her breed - a female boxer, she is gregarious to a (huge) fault and with only one speed, flat out. She is also extremely intelligent; she knows the diffeence between right and wrong, she just doesn't care- leave that to the Border Collie.


So my wife and I employed Liz to see if we could instill in Laila a behavioual change without breaking spirit. I might also add here that Laila is a young dog and not given easily to discipline.


However, Liz worked away patiently with Laila (and her owners) and within a remarkably few number of lessons did exactly what we asked her to do - deliver a compliant and disciplined dog that has lost nothing of its high spirits and personality.


We are not out of the woods with Laila yet. It's over to me to continue the training so well taught by Liz. But Thanks to Liz we no longer have the worst dog-nowwhere near it.


I recommend Liz and her company to anyone who lives and loves dogs.



We attended a Life Skills training course with our 6 month old Swedish Vallhund, the course was very well organised and very imformative. Our dog has responded very well to training, learning all the commands.

I'm sure the other participants would agree that it was money well spent and the course will  make life with our dog more worthwhile.



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