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Welcome to the Next Level of Dog Training: Pet Gundog Club! 

Congratulations on completing your beginning pet gundog course – you and your dog have taken the first step towards a remarkable training journey! But wait, there's more! Introducing our Pet Gundog Club – the ultimate platform for honing your dog's skills and taking their training to new heights.


 Elevate Your Training: 

Now that you've established a strong foundation, it's time to unlock your dog's full potential. Our Pet Gundog Club offers a unique opportunity for you and your four-legged friend to continue their education and refine their gundog skills. Our specialised lessons are designed to transform your pet into a confident and well-trained companion.

 Flexible Training Schedule: 

Life can be busy, but that shouldn't hinder your dog's progress. Our Pet Gundog Club offers a variety of scheduling options to suit your needs. With both fortnightly and monthly lessons, you'll find it easier than ever to consistently engage with your dog's training. Plus, regular sessions mean you'll witness steady improvement and growth in your dog's abilities.

 What to Expect: 

Our Pet Gundog Club is tailored to provide a comprehensive training experience:

  1. Skill Enhancement: Build upon the foundation set in the beginning course, refining basic commands, recall, and leash manners. Watch your dog shine as they master more advanced gundog techniques.

  2. Bonding and Communication: Strengthen your relationship with your pet through interactive exercises that enhance communication and mutual understanding.

  3. Real-world Challenges: Prepare your dog for real-world situations with simulated scenarios that simulate hunting and retrieving scenarios. Boost their confidence and responsiveness in any environment.

  4. Expert Guidance: Our experienced trainer are dedicated to your dog's success. They'll guide you through each lesson, offering personalized advice and troubleshooting to ensure steady progress.

  5. Socialisation: Interact with fellow dog owners who share your passion for training. Share experiences, tips, and successes within our supportive Pet Gundog Club community.

 Join the Pet Gundog Club Today! 

The journey of dog training is a rewarding one, and the Pet Gundog Club is your next adventure. Your dog's potential knows no bounds, and with our expert guidance and specialised lessons, you'll be amazed at the progress they make. Ready to elevate your pet's training? Join the Pet Gundog Club and continue forging an unbreakable bond with your dog.

Enroll now and embark on a training journey that promises growth, joy, and countless tail-wagging moments. Together, we'll create memories that will last a lifetime. 

  • Location: Helensville|Auckland

    • Rautawhiri Reserve​

  • Fortnightly & Monthly classes

  • 1 Hour sessions

  • Prerequisite: Must hae completed our Pet GunDog Foundation Course

  • All dogs are encouraged to attend as long as they are fully vaccinated

  • Dogs attending need to be sociable with people and other dogs

  • The course is run outdoors so it is weather/ numbers

Cancellation Policy: When choosing a course please remember that our classes have limited spaces, once booked we do not allow cancellations. 

The more classes you attend, the stronger your dog's skills will be, your dog will learn best if you continue to train at home as well as classes you attend.


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