How often have you called your dog at the park/beach and it falls on deaf ears? Does your dog recall out of dog play?

Recall is by far the most important behaviour we can teach our dogs, as it’s a lifesaver. It doesn’t have to be frustrating – it can be fun! Let’s build that recall and add in some distractions so that your dog starts turning on a dime when they hear their recall cue being called!  

In this 3 week workshop class, I will teach you the steps of recall, the aim is for your dog to come every time, no matter what the distractions there are.

You will learn how & when to use your recall cue, what motivates your dog, and how to build a recall in the real world.
Each session is designed to incrementally increase your dog's recall skill.

While training & proofing a recall is an ongoing process, these classes will give you and your dog the necessary foundations.

*Suitable for puppies from 16 weeks and fully vaccinated.

**This class is not suitable for leash reactive/aggressive dogs to dog/people, please contact us if you require help with this with private 1:1 sessions.


Workshop Details:

  • 3 Week workshop held at K9 Services NZ training location. 

  • Small groups (Max 6) so you and your dog get quality time with our training team.

  • Includes plenty of breaks to rest you and your dog throughout the session


  • Dogs must be people/dog friendly 

  • At least 3 Vaccinations + 1 week


Please Bring to the workshop:​

  • bed/mat (we recommend a raised bed)

  • a harness and flat collar, longline (if you have one)

  • tug toys

  • small soft training treats, this includes kibble plus higher value treats superior chunky, possyum, sausage, or chicken.


Buy all 3 sessions for $160.00 per dog/handler team

Buy 1 session for $75 per dog/handler team

Covid -19  & Variants

To keep in line with current government guidelines, the following rules will be in place to keep everyone safe:

  • Class sizes of 6 dogs max

  • We recommend social distancing of 3-5 metres + bring a mask

  • Please bring your own toys/treats to the class

  • Please bring water/bowl for your dog

  • Families and children are welcome to come together

Refund policy

Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable unless notice of cancellation is received at least 21 working days prior to commencement and any refund or transfer is at the sole discretion of K9 Services NZ Ltd. Group classes/Workshops are run on a fixed schedule therefore if you miss a class unfortunately K9 Services NZ Ltd cannot offer a make up classes.



Recall Workshop

8th March 2022


Recall Workshop

27th March 2022