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How it Works

In our Reactive Dog Class, we work on five aspects of on-leash dog-on-dog aggression.

  • Changing your dog’s emotional response to other dogs.

  • Incompatible alternative behaviours - something you want your dog to do instead.

Management techniques:

  • to prevent your dog from practicing the behaviour.

  • to remove your dog quickly and easily from something unexpected.

Distraction and fun on walks to help your dog focus less on the outside world.

  • Owner confidence: You learn and practice what to do and are less anxious with your dog in public.

  • Reducing your dog’s overall arousal level.

It’s not easy living with a reactive dog. It may even be embarrassing. But you clearly love your dog and want the best for them.

Remember that your dog doesn’t like this behaviour either. They are trying the best way they know how to cope. So, whatever your dog has been through in the past, your dog is lucky to have you now. After all, you are looking for help.

If your dog has a bite history with people/dogs or is aggressive with dogs off lead, we would like to help them, please contact us for other training solutions.



Does your dog bark, growl or lunge at other dogs on leash? But play nicely off lead, Does he/she get SO excited to see other dogs that they try to drag you to get to them? This 6 week class will help you with handling and troubleshooting and give your dog the skills to help them stay focused on you. This class is limited to 5 dogs.

30 minute Free Video Consult!!
  • How can we help you?
  • Have more questions?
  • Need help deciding what training you require?

We start with a free video consultation in order to get to know each other.
This way, we can decide if your dog is suited for reactive rovers class.


Our classes take place in our training location.  Helensville|Auckland just 40 minutes from CBD.

Class Details

  • 6 weeks, once a week hourly sessions held at K9 Services NZ training location.

  • We Will Discuss:
    · Understanding Reactive Dogs and Behaviours of Reactive Dogs
    · Canine Body Language and Calming Signals
    · How to Manage Your Reactive Dog and How to Help Your Reactive Dog
    · Recommended Training Equipment
    · Exercises to Begin with Your Reactive Dog

  • Small groups (Max 5) so you and your dog get quality time with our training team.


  • Dogs/Handlers must have completed our 30 min free Skype/FB consultation.

  • Dogs/Handlers must have completed a 4 x 1-2-1 practical training sessions with us

Please Bring to the course:​

  • bed (we recommend a raised bed)

  • a harness, a flat collar, halti, muzzle.

  • tug toys

  • small soft training treats, this includes kibble plus higher value treats superior chunky, possyum, cheese, sausage, or chicken.